Not legal advice, for informational purposes only. TILA rescission is effective by optional law, the moment it is sent to the lender. So, what does all this really mean for mortgage loan contracts? Once a letter to rescind and cancel a mortgage loan contract is sent, an event has occurred that can’t be easily undone. So to undo the event requires an Judgment against the event that occurred. TILA Rescission Usually, the mortgage lender will just send a letter to the homeowner, stating that the TILA rescission is rejected as untimely and denied. However, the Supreme Court of the Untied States ruled that TILA rescission is a nonjudicial remedyRead More →

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These tiny little $79 forms hold the dirty big secrets of Wall Street, that could cancel your entire mortgage loan! How is this NOT a Scam and not too good to be true? First off, the secrets exposed inside the forms is ALL public knowledge, it’s jut that most homeowners don’t know how to access the information or how-to use it. Tiny Little $79 Forms Right now you can order the Wall Street Cancellation Secrets Forms for only $79 for a limited time. In seconds you can gain access to insider knowledge that mortgage lenders have been trying to keep secret for years. It all started withRead More →

Would you love to learn how-to Rescind and Cancel your mortgage loan permanently??  Forcing your mortgage lender to work with you, getting the upper hand?  If you ever been denied a loan modification or upside down, owe more than your home is worth right now or even facing foreclosure…this is for you! Yes, these techniques really can work and 100% legal to use at your own risk…This is not legal advice, for informational purposes only.  How-to Rescind and Cancel Lately, I have been traveling around the country with my team and training lawyers and real estate investors on these simple techniques…It all started from aRead More →

(Not legal advice or a legal opinion. For Informational proposes only). Bravo to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit on rejecting the federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) on claim preclusion issues. This should be a quick wake up call for all homeowners facing foreclosures and foreclosure defense attorneys…Go get educated about proper TILA violations for fraud!  TILA Violations must always be strong as an argument. Which is why finding fraud is fundamental to have a successful argument to rescind and cancel a mortgage loan for TILA Violations.  A primary and very common issue in most foreclosure defenses, is the inadequate failureRead More →

(This information is intended for informational proposes only and not legal advice). Once a borrower notifies the mortgage lender of their right to rescind and cancel the mortgage loan, it is officially void by no court order needed only proper notice by official letter. So what happens next after this process has everything to do with becoming educated on how-to properly resolve a mortgage conflict resolution.  Who can exactly rescind and cancel a mortgage loan contract? It might surprise many people to learn that currently under The Truth in Lending Act (TILA), anyone with security interest in a property has a right to rescind and cancelRead More →