Tender Real Estate Mortgage Cancellation Secrets

This information is not legal advice and for informational purposes only.  Learn how to use Tender Negotiations…to rescind and cancel your mortgage loan contract for TILA Fraud Violations to Stop Foreclosure. If you need to stop a foreclosure and loan modification negotiations have been unsuccessful, this information is going to breakdown all the steps to use Tender negotiations through identifying TILA fraud violations. “Can you rescind and cancel a mortgage loan contract for TILA fraud violations after three years?” That’s the most common question most mortgage servicers, mortgage lenders, attorneys representing mortgage lenders, or bankruptcy attorneys and foreclosure defense attorneys “all want to know” aboutRead More →

New York Foreclosure Mortgage Acceleration Default Foreclosure Defenses Mortgage Cancellation Secrets 2

Not legal advice, for informational purposes only. New York homeowners are at a tremendous disadvantage when it comes to finding a knowledgeable attorney to provide an aggressive foreclosure defense to challenge their mortgage lenders in court. Which is why picking the right attorney for representation means the difference of “stopping foreclosure and resolving issues with the mortgage servicer to cancel foreclosure permanently” or Homeowners Losing in court! What’s worst is that after foreclosure takes place, many times Foreclosure Eviction follows! The majority of homeowners are not financially prepared to just up and move. Having to relocate takes planning and time and money to do so!Read More →

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection released a snapshot of mortgage complaints on their website filed by consumers. This report allows everyone to see the trends in mortgage complaints being filed and the progress. These complaints received allows the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection to regulate consumer financial products or services under existing federal consumer financial laws, enforce those laws judiciously, and educate and empower people to make better-informed financial decisions. Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection This report reveals many interesting data points about complaints submitted by consumers: Between November 1, 2016, and October 31, 2018, approximately 11 percent of complaints were about mortgages. Most mortgage complaints wereRead More →

Deed in Lieu Of Foreclosure Mortgage Cancellation Secrets

The following information is not legal advice and should not be used as legal advice, please consult an attorney for legal advice.  A Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure has advantages and disadvantages. Generally, lenders don’t often offer a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure to homeowners. Some homeowners or real estate investors, consider getting a lender to agree to allow a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure a good thing. However, there are many factors to consider and we will go over them. Advantages The borrower is often considered the big winner in a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure situation and this all depends on what theRead More →

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(The following is not legal advice or meant to be utilized as legal advice)  Bankruptcy is often used by many homeowners to stop their mortgage foreclosure in the United States. Most often bankruptcy doesn’t exactly stop the foreclosure from happening forever, it’s simply a delay tactic. Where many homeowners even after filing bankruptcy are foreclosed on and even evicted later down the road. If homeowners and bankruptcy attorneys would get educated on TILA fraud violations and RESPA more foreclosure situations could be resolved in bankruptcy matters. What’s very sad is that many homeowners only file for bankruptcy protection because they have fallen beyond in theirRead More →

Georgia Foreclosure Help Mortgage Cancellation Secrets

If you live in Georgia and have a mortgage foreclosure, the best place to understand where to get legal help for a loan modification (especially if denied) is the Office of Attorney General Chris Carr! Find out what programs or assistance your state offers. In the state of Georgia, there are several options available to homeowners in a foreclosure situation: Here are some tips from the Office of Attorney General “Chris Carr” taken from their website. Contact your lender or servicer and make arrangements to cure the default.  Usually, this means making a cash payment to bring the loan current. Contact your lender or servicer and makeRead More →

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(The following is not legal advice or intended to be used as legal advice.)  RESPA can be a powerful New York Foreclosure defense. The problem is “how to avoid being labeled a deadbeat” among New York residents who just seriously don’t want to pay their mortgage notes. It seems some bad apples are causing others to suffer. Ask any ethical homeowner, if their “mortgage lender restructured payments that made the monthly loan payments much more affordable or maybe also included reducing the principal balance, would they jump on accepting such an amazing offer?” Likely, the answer to that question would be “heck, YES!” and theirRead More →

Cash out refinance options offer the perfect solution to stop foreclosure by using the equity existing in the property. Often times foreclosure rescue scams trick homeowners by stealing equity in the property, in exchange for offering to stop foreclosure. Sadly, most homeowners are unaware that they can work out a better solution to use their cash out refinance options, that wouldn’t involve giving a large portion of equity away in the home to a third party offering to help. Plus lots of these foreclosure rescue scams end up not stopping foreclosure, the property and equity are gone forever. The homeowner is left with no property and no equityRead More →

Where To Get New York Foreclosure Help Fast

Do you need help with avoiding foreclosure living in the city of New York?  The good news is that New York has programs and government assistance to help you avoid foreclosure. You need to act fast if you are having trouble making monthly mortgage payments or have fallen behind on your mortgage loan payments. A misconception is that many homeowners think that if they are in default getting assistance to avoid foreclosure is not possible. However, the biggest thing that holds most homeowners back is their failure to act in enough time when trying to avoid foreclosure. There is a lot of shame and embarrassmentRead More →

Loan Modification Warning Scheme Signs To Watch

Many times when homeowners are experiencing financial troubles, it’s easy to fall victim to loan modification schemes. However, there are loan modification warning signs to watch out for so that you don’t become a victim. Make sure that you fully educate yourself on what a loan modification is exactly and how getting approved for one can help to resolve your financial problems. Why apply for a loan modification?    /p> If you can’t afford to make your mortgage payments, applying for a loan modification is a good way to permanently restructure your mortgage loan to be a more affordable payment. The purpose of a loanRead More →