How-to Rescind and Cancel Your Mortgage Loan Permanently




Would you love to learn how-to Rescind and Cancel your mortgage loan permanently?? 

Forcing your mortgage lender to work with you, getting the upper hand? 

If you ever been denied a loan modification or upside down, owe more than your home is worth right now or even facing foreclosure…this is for you!

Yes, these techniques really can work and 100% legal to use at your own risk…This is not legal advice, for informational purposes only. 

How-to Rescind and Cancel

Lately, I have been traveling around the country with my team and training lawyers and real estate investors on these simple techniques…It all started from a short book I wrote that became a bestseller in Amazon and Barnes & Noble! 

Homeowners around the country started reporting amazing results…

Foreclosures Cancelled!

Tender, Short Pay Offers Accepted! 

Mortgage Deeds Cancelled Permanently!!! 

Learning how-to spot Truth in Lending Act (TILA) violations is the key to rescind and cancel mortgage deeds permanently for fraudulent disclosures…

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How is this possible ??

The Supreme Court issued its ruling in Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., 135 S. Ct. 790 (2015).

What if the three-year statute of limitations to rescind and cancel has expired???

Well, that’s why you need to get educated…I simplified my 10 years experience with expertise in Wall Street mortgage-backed securities and over 16 years of experience as a former full-time mortgage broker, creating a DIY foolproof system that works! 

Revealing simple techniques to apply TILA violations for fraudulent disclosures to essentially reset the statute of limitations where fraud is involved. 

True, a normal TILA violation without fraud would typically need to be made within 3 years…If you learn how-to discover issues of fraud in violation of TILA, you have a new opportunity! 

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Still need more proof??

Truth in Lending Act (TILA) under section 1635 (Go look it up!!) gives the lender exactly 20 days to 1) Return Every Payment A Borrower Ever Made! 2) Cancel The Security Instrument! 

1 and 2 must be done within 20 days!

If the lender wants to contest the Rescind and Cancellation, the lender still has only 20 days to do so by filing a lawsuit within the exact timeframe and only after following steps 1 and 2 first before going to court. 

That’s right, even to contest a Rescind and Cancellation, TILA requires that the lender must file a lawsuit within 20 days. However, the lender will first need to follow steps 1 and 2!!!! 

Exactly within 20 days 1) Return Every Payment A Borrower Ever Made! 2) Cancel The Security Instrument! 

You can get the forms to do these simple techniques yourself right now today for a special low rate offer… 

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