Quiet Title establishes a party’s title to real property or personal property against anyone and everyone, and thus “quiet” any challenges or claims to the title. Quiet title actions are very common lawsuits and known as a friendly lawsuit to resolve conflicts for determining who actually owns the property.

For homeowners facing foreclosure, this can be a challenge to mortgage servicing flaws. Presenting new opportunities to make the mortgage lender prove title ownership separate of a foreclosure lawsuit matter in judicial states and challenge to title ownership to conduct a foreclosure sale in non-judicial states.

Very differently than foreclosure actions and a separate new case statute, this type of lawsuit offers solutions to challenge clouds on the title for improper mortgage securitization flaws and invalid mortgage assignment transfers. Quiet Title Fixer also offers an alternative over filing bankruptcy, which the bankruptcy remains for a total of 7 years and is tremendously damaging to obtain credit in the future, especially for another mortgage loan.

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Quiet Title Fixer was created to educate property owners, mortgage forensic auditors, estate attorneys, foreclosure defense attorneys, mortgage lender attorneys, and others on how to resolve the most common title dispute issues and clear title errors. Order Quite Title Fixer, Click Here

An easy step-by-step complete system of fill-in-blank forms to establish clear title ownership and to free and clear title against parties claiming ownership now or in the future and against parties claiming clear title rights to foreclose on the property.

Quiet title action shifts the foreclosure defense as an entirely new case. Forcing mortgage lenders to prove ownership of the title and giving homeowners facing foreclosure strategies for negotiations to work out an alternative over foreclosure. As well as potentially extinguishing the mortgage lenders claim to the title, providing the homeowner free and clear title as the sole legal owner of the property, in perpetuity.

Typically, a Quiet Title Action can range anywhere from $5,000 and up! Plus MUCH MORE with adding expensive attorney fees, mortgage forensic expert witness testimony, research costs, forensic investigations, etc!

What Makes Quiet Title Actions Different?

A Quiet Title Action is considered to be a “preventative lawsuit” and there doesn’t have to be any other active dispute. The purpose is for the individual to seek the authority of the court to determine who is the clear owner over the property and to free and clear the title from anyone else claiming rights to ownership in the title.

Each state has certain guidelines and procedures for how to file a Quiet Title Action.


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