Tender Real Estate Mortgage Cancellation Secrets

This information is not legal advice and for informational purposes only.  Learn how to use Tender Negotiations…to rescind and cancel your mortgage loan contract for TILA Fraud Violations to Stop Foreclosure. If you need to stop a foreclosure and loan modification negotiations have been unsuccessful, this information is going to breakdown all the steps to use Tender negotiations through identifying TILA fraud violations. “Can you rescind and cancel a mortgage loan contract for TILA fraud violations after three years?” That’s the most common question most mortgage servicers, mortgage lenders, attorneys representing mortgage lenders, or bankruptcy attorneys and foreclosure defense attorneys “all want to know” aboutRead More →

Bankruptcy TILA Fraud Violations Mortgage Cancellation Secrets 1

(The following is not legal advice or meant to be utilized as legal advice)  Bankruptcy is often used by many homeowners to stop their mortgage foreclosure in the United States. Most often bankruptcy doesn’t exactly stop the foreclosure from happening forever, it’s simply a delay tactic. Where many homeowners even after filing bankruptcy are foreclosed on and even evicted later down the road. If homeowners and bankruptcy attorneys would get educated on TILA fraud violations and RESPA more foreclosure situations could be resolved in bankruptcy matters. What’s very sad is that many homeowners only file for bankruptcy protection because they have fallen beyond in theirRead More →