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Get real facts about Mortgage Cancellation Secrets on TILA Violations! 

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Attention Real Estate Investors, Attorneys, Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

Hire Kyle Ransom to speak about How to Leverage TILA Violations where he will cover the following topics: 

  1. Introduction To The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) of 1968
  2. Identifying Fraudulent Disclosures Among TILA Violations
  3. Steps to Rescind and Cancel Mortgages! Classified Mortgage Cancellation Secrets
  4. Negotiating Short Pay Off and Conflict Resolutions

Mr. Ransom has used powerful techniques to leverage a stronger position to create more equity when negotiating with banks. These are very powerful strategies to increase profits in markets and a must for any real estate investor to get an edge. If audiences at your event would like to learn how-to position their business to get more deeply discounted distressed properties, this training is a must.

Kyle Ransom is the author of “Wall Street Mortgage Cancellation Secrets: What Smart Rich People Don’t Tell and Big Banks Will Steal To Not Let You Know” a best seller in Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores. The book is also available for purchase order inside all Barnes & Noble area locations nationwide. Ransom is a seasoned real estate professional with 20 years experience in real estate re-development, acquisitions, and transactional real estate finance. He has a strong understanding of digital media, marketing, online and mobile apps publishing. Ransom has further spearheaded over $100 million dollars in real estate transactions. With a strong background in real estate finance and acquisitions Ransom is a rainmaker when it comes to finalizing deals.

Under Ransom’s leadership expertise he developed Home Flipp Atlanta by UREH app powered by the leader in winning real estate investment systems. The app is available to download in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play for instant access. Ransom solved a long existing problem for real estate investors to obtain business credit. He invented which also provides solutions for real estate investors to gain access to business credit lending options. The Business Credit Buddy app is available in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play for investors to apply for business credit on the go.

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