What Happens After Rescinding A Mortgage Loan

(This information is intended for informational proposes only and not legal advice). Once a borrower notifies the mortgage lender of their right to rescind and cancel the mortgage loan, it is officially void by no court order needed only proper…..

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How-to Rescind and Cancel Your Mortgage Loan Permanently

MCS12 | August 7, 2017

Would you love to learn how-to Rescind and Cancel your mortgage loan permanently??  Forcing your mortgage lender to work with you, getting the upper hand?  If you ever been denied a loan modification or upside down, owe more than your…..

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Using Rescind and Cancellation To Stop Foreclosure

MCS12 | July 27, 2017

(Not legal advice, for informational purposes only). Many homeowners facing foreclosure wonder can a “Rescind and Cancellation” notice (just a letter) stop foreclosure??? Essentially, that answer is YES, if the Rescind and Cancellation is done properly!  By operational law a…..

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How-to Use TILA Fraud Violations To Cancel Mortgage Interest Payments Forever 

MCS12 | July 24, 2017

(This is not legal advice, for informational purposes only). What if you could cancel every single mortgage interest payment for the life of your loan forever? How about also being able to completely erase your mortgage loan entirely??  “Bet that…..

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OMG! Get Our Mortgage Cancellation Secrets Free Report

MCS12 | July 23, 2017

Make sure to hurry and download our Mortgage Cancellation Secrets Free Report right now! Mortgage Cancellation Secrets Free Report  Inside this special free report you will discover: How-to Void A Mortgage Loan Contract  Rescind and Mortgage Cancellation Benefits    …..

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Bravo To Tenth Circuit About TILA Preclusion Claims

MCS12 | July 20, 2017

(Not legal advice or a legal opinion. For Informational proposes only). Bravo to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit on rejecting the federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) on claim preclusion issues. This should be a quick…..

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